Residential Seawall Construction

With over 50 years experience in the marine and seawall construction industry, Gulf Coast Marine Construction has completed countless seawalls & seawall repairs throughout Pinellas County and Tampa Bay. Whether large or small, our seawalls are tailored specifically to meet the needs of our clients.

Do I Need a New Seawall?

Most seawalls in the Tampa Bay area have have reached or exceeded their life expectancy depending on the environmental conditions & location. Typically, visual clues are signs that the seawall may be significantly deteriorated and structurally weak beyond simple repairs.  While it may not seem like it, your seawall may be on the verge of failure. Below are some questions to ask yourself if your seawall is showing signs of failure...


  • Does my seawall have any horizontal cracks/deteriorating slabs?

  • Does my seawall, or are my slabs leaning inward or outward?

  • Do I have any large gaps between my slab joints, or a lack of slab penetration into the berm leading to landward soil erosion?

  • Are rust stains visible in either the slabs or the cap?

  • Do I have spalling of the cap (missing chunks) or exposed rebar?

  • Are tie-rods visible landward of my seawall? Can I see rust?

  • Are my secondary tie-rod plate washers & nuts rusting/breaking away from the slabs?

  • Is my stress beam failing?


Having your seawall visually inspected, maintained, or replaced if necessary could help you to avoid diastrous costs associated with a buckled or failed seawall. 


Seawall Repairs

Depending on the current condition of your seawall, it may just need a little TLC. A repair may be the best option if a seawall replacement isn't in the budget. Typical repair alternatives that can help prolong the life of your seawall are rip-rap, secondary tie-backs/anchors, replacing the cap, beam & anchors, or grouting the joints and installing proper drainage are just a few. 


Client Map

Over the years Gulf Coast Marine Construction has completed hundreds of seawall projects throughout Pinellas County and Tampa Bay. Ranging from seawall repairs to new seawall construction, it may not surprise you that your neighbor has chosen Gulf Coast Marine Construction for their seawall needs. Below is a map with placemarks.

(Seawall map may take several moments to load)

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